About us

Our team are a mix of Phuket born MBA and engineering graduates, we have a comprehensive experience working and studying abroad before we returned to our beloved island.

We are committed to this area and every development we have completed has adhered to the strictest environmental standards.

We love Bang Tao and we hope you do too. We believe we offer the highest international quality and outstanding value for money. Come and meet us in person and find out more. MORE

Smart buyers have chosen us

It's all about value. We are a local firm, we own a lot of land in the area and we paid local prices for it. We use this local advantage to provide real value in what has become a frankly inflated 'fashionable' market. In their rush to get involved, many developers have paid crazy land prices. These get passed on to you in their unit sales price . We didn't, your gain.

Of course you can only see so much by looking at our website, get in touch now for an appointment to come and visit us.

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Move in today

Our units are not promises-to-build. They are all complete and ready to move in. No risky perceived off plan savings that turn into on-site nightmares as the developer tries to sell enough units to actually start building. Our projects are fully funded before we start to sell, you can move in today if you want to.

Outstanding build quality
Our strength is engineering, specifically engineering in this climate. The infrastructure and design of the development has had one mission from outset, beautiful, usable homes with quality everywhere you look and everywhere you don't look too.